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Shop Policies

At Black Caesar Tattoos, we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and professionalism in every aspect of our services. To ensure this, we have established certain policies that help us maintain these standards while providing you with the best tattoo experience possible.

Shop Minimum

Our minimum charge of $50 covers setup, supplies, and expertise for a safe and clean tattoo experience.

Age Requirements

18+ for tattoos; 16-17 with parental consent. No minors in tattooing area. IDs are required to accompany the signed waiver.


Non-refundable; applied to final cost unless forfeited due to specific conditions. All deposits must be paid through deposit link sent out at the time of booking. We enforce these deposit policies to ensure fairness to both our clients and artists and to uphold the integrity of our booking system.

Guest Policy

1 guest allowed to accompany the client; must be over 14. Disruptive guests may be asked to leave.

Pets Policy

No pets in tattooing area; service animals welcome in the lobby area.


Free touch-ups within 1 month by original artist, at the artist’s discretion; clients are responsible for following aftercare when purchasing an aftercare bag to guarantee their one free touch-up.

At Black Caesar Tattoos, we are committed to providing a safe, professional, and enjoyable tattoo experience, ensuring cleanliness, respecting your needs, and upholding the highest standards of artistry and customer satisfaction. These policies are adhered to by our shop owner, manager, and artists, and may be exercised at the discretion of any employee at the shop.

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